There are more African American men in jail than in college. The unemployment rate among African Americans in most major cities is 70%. The African American infant mortality rates are at third world levels.
How did we get here?

     Could these statistics apply to the descendants of the great West African king and controller of the worlds gold distribution of its day; or to the descendants of Detroit’s Black Bottom, The Harlem Renaissance or Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma?

     Hi I am Courtney R. Brown Jr. , C.E.O of Big Boss Filmworks, Big Boss Books, Isaiah Properties, African Nights INC., High Exposure Consulting and Consultant for Bridgefort INC. a family business. You may ask. Why so many companies? Well in today’s world a man or woman may need to have 3 or 4 hustles or AKA enterprises to be able to live a lifestyle they want. The Advantage of this is when one enterprise aka hustle slows another will be busy. Seldom will all the enterprises aka hustles be slow at the same time. We at Big Boss Filmworks and Big Boss Books have decided to do this project “ From The Block To The Boardroom” because of the current state of many African American youth in our major cities Detroit Michigan, in particular. Why Detroit? Well two reasons. First I am from Detroit and the current situations of senseless murders and leading the nation’s unemployment rate makes the lesson and life skills mentioned in this project a desperately needed answer for a troubled people in a troubled city.

     Why am I qualified to speak on the issues of transforming the street hustler mentality into a legitimate business model? First let me give you some background on myself. A member of my family was an integral part of the largest drug ring in Detroit’s history. I grew up in the plush suburbs from the projects. My family was able to live a life of luxury from the profits of this family member’s underworld activity. So when I say I understand the street take my word for it. That family member was sent to a federal prison where we visited him frequently. So when I say I know the downside of the streets take my word for it. I have managed a 12 million dollar a year store in New York. I have worked on the nation’s most exclusive shopping streets, Madison Ave. and Columbus Ave. in New York; I have owned and operated stores in Harlem N.Y., Atlanta GA and Detroit Mi. I introduced the Coogi and Joe Boxer lines of clothing to Harlem N.Y. I have done business in China, Europe and the Caribbean. I have traveled the world vacationing. So when I say understand start up bitemgoz bookusiness and international trade has changed the world for all of us take my word for it.

Enough about me let’s talk about you, your brother, sister, father or uncle. Are you or your family suffering from the effects of this country’s latest recession? If you are, you know that for African American males this current economic condition is not a recession but a depression with unemployment among Black men ranging from 30-70% depending on whose stats you use. I am going to use Detroit as an example, but these conditions can be applied to Philadelphia, L.A., Atlanta or any other big city. Thus to understand where we are we must know where we came from. A person with no history is a person with no future. So for a moment let’s go back in history: Way back like 700 years ago.

In the year 1323 685 years ago an African king named Mansu Masa controlled a West African gold empire that sold gold to Europe and Asia and Set the price of gold throughout most of the world. Yes we as a people have always loved gold.

From The Block To The Boardroom will layout a blueprint of how to turn the hustler mentality in a corporate business model that will lead to prosperous African American families, neighborhoods and businesses.